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You probably never expected to be here but I can promise that if your partner has been unfaithful then you are in the right place.

Stay or leave, I help men just like you
rebuild trust, put what's most important to them first and take control in their relationships with conviction and clarity.



'the infidelity coach for men'

I'm Luke...


Hurts like hell? I get it!

“I feel like I’m the villain in this story, yet she cheated on me!”

"I've been completely abandoned after the affair”

“I’ve wasted the last 10 years of my life”

"It's not the same anymore, I'm so angry. I feel stuck!"

“How did I miss the signs?”

“Why wasn’t I good enough?”

“She can see how much I’m hurting, yet she isn’t fixing it.”

“She should be feeling this pain, not me.”

“There is such a lack of empathy from my unfaithful partner.”

“My partner isn't communicating anymore. I feel so alone”

How many apply to you?

If just one of the above applies, you are not alone ...

It's only natural to feel this way



"I can't believe she betrayed me"

"I can't fix this"

"I don't know what happens next."

"I can't focus at work"

"I thought we were a team"

"I've failed"


  • Resentment

  • Tired

  • Anger

  • Frustration

  • Undervalued

  • Shame

  • Fear


  • Snapping at the kids

  • Complaining to friends​


  • Over drinking or Over eating


  • Little patience with myself or others

  • Ignore problems and hope they just go away


I am not spending quality time with my kids 

I can't communicate with her

I am not looking after myself

I am spiralling out of control

It's truly possible to go 


​Doubting yourself 


Stressed & Anxious

Feeling Tense & Criticised

Agitated & Chaotic


Resentful & Afraid


Unforgiving & Vengeful


Distrustful & paranoid 


Confident & Assured


Relaxed & Calm

Safe & Self Praise

Calm & Predictable

Reflective & Compassionate

Accepting & Understanding

Taking one step at a time

Forgiving and at peace


Trusting & Certain 

Infidelity does not define you!



"I'm not defined by her actions"

"I can fix anything!"

"I'm so proud of my myself"

"I always have my own back"

"I've already won, lets continue the journey"


  • Joy

  • Confident

  • Trusting

  • Love

  • Motivated

  • Peaceful

  • Forgiving

  • Compassionate


  • Communicating with ease

  • Laughing with friends​


  • Eating well and still enjoying a treat


  • Being understanding and patient with others

  • Overcoming obstacles and thriving


I am creating a solid future for myself 

I am allowing one chapter to close and a new one to begin

I am putting myself first, from which all my relationships will benefit 

I have clear boundaries and now have confidence in my relationships 

What do you get?

Weekly 45 minute 1-ON-1 calls

Option to record our sessions

24/7 email access & regular accountability nudges

Optional worksheets tailored to your needs


Hi, I'm Luke, and we might just have a few things in common.

Just a few years ago I was married to the woman of my dreams, we had the family home, secure jobs with a decent combined income and had a happy healthy family.


My future felt pretty certain, not the exact details of course, but I believed I had a pretty good idea of where I’d be in five- or ten-years' time.


Fast forward to 2020 and I’m divorced, had to move out of the family home, away from my kids, and my ‘secure’ job no longer offered me the security it once did.

All I wanted was my life back the way it was, wishing I could just turn back time! 

Once reality truly set in, I got to work on figuring out how to re-write my story and that's exactly what I am doing, in the process I get to help men just like you do just the same.


It starts with a conversation

What do I get?
  • A free 30 min, no obligation call to discover more. Calls over Zoom
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