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I always thought life just happened 'to me'. It turns out I was wrong.  How about you?


In all honesty, my life has been fine. I have a story of course, there have been ups, and there have been downs. Moments of elation; My wedding day being one, and of course the days my children were born. There have been some sad moments too, the day I was made redundant from my job, and the day I realised my marriage was over.

The thing is, nobody can predict the good or bad luck that comes their way. Some are undoubtedly much less fortunate than I, and some might be considered far more fortunate. The reality is that some of the happiest and most fulfilled people on the planet are those with the fewest material items, and by modern social standards, have had the least success. In contrast, some of the most successful people, whether that be by financial, professional, political, fame or social status, are the ones who can often be seen to ‘burn-out’, seek alternative outlets such as sex, drugs and alcohol and in some extreme cases, much worse.


The point is that we are all dealt a certain hand, but that in no way defines who we are as individuals. Why is it two people can witness the same thing and yet experience something completely different? Perhaps the difference is in the way they choose to think about it, that’s right . . . they ‘Choose’ their thoughts. You can too and I promise it will transform the way you look at your life, regardless of your story, it has done for me.


  • Certified Coach - The Life Coach School

  • CPD Life Coach - (Level 7 Diploma)

  • QPR Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Certificate 

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