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Separated? Divorced? Kids? 

Learn how to split parent

on purpose

Just imagine if you could...

  • Take back control

  • Have a great split-parent relationship with your ex

  • Put the past behind you

  • Sleep better

  • Reduce worry & stress

  • Be productive

  • Be an amazing example to your kids

  • Get back to enjoying your life!

Begin here

Why is it going wrong for you?



"I do all the parenting!"

"I can't fix this"

"I don't want my kids to be affected by this"

"My ex did all the 'finances' when we were together"

"I've failed"


  • Resentment

  • Tired

  • Anger

  • Frustration

  • Undervalued

  • Shame

  • Fear


  • Snapping at the kids

  • Complaining to friends​


  • Over drinking or Over eating


  • Little patience with myself or others

  • Ignore problems and hope they just go away


I am not spending quality time with my kids 

I am not communicating with my ex

I am not looking after myself

I am preventing myself from being a successful co-parent

How can you make it right?



"I'm an amazing parent who is there for my kids!"

"I can fix anything!"

"I'm so proud of my kids"

"It's so empowering to have control of my own finances"

"I've already won, lets continue the journey"


  • Joy

  • Confident

  • Happy

  • Love

  • Motivated

  • Peaceful

  • Forgiving

  • Compassionate


  • Listening to and teaching my kids

  • Laughing with friends​


  • Eating well and still enjoying a treat


  • Being understanding and patient with others

  • Overcoming obstacles and thriving


I am creating wonderful experiences for myself and my kids 

I am allowing one chapter to close and a new one to begin

I am putting myself first, from which all my relationships will benefit 

I have clear boundaries and have formed a successful split-parent relationship

What will we work on?

What Do I Get?

Mastering your relationships

Life is about relationships - Learn to strengthen not only the connections with your family and friends, but most importantly, with yourself

Handling difficult people

The best teachers are those who trigger us. Handle difficult people with ease. You'll never look back!

Killer confidence

Confidence is optional - It's a way of being that cannot be taken by others. Committing to change is the first step

Choosing how to feel

If I told you that your thoughts are optional... what would you say? Well, it's true and I can show you how.

Converting pain into power

Master your emotions - learn how to grow from discomfort. Turn your obstacles into goals

Split parent on purpose

Your future does not have to be based on your past. Co-parent with peace and shift your focus to 'what can be!'

What do you get?

Weekly 45 minute 1-ON-1 calls

Option to record our sessions

24/7 email access & regular accountability nudges

Optional worksheets tailored to your needs


Hi, I'm Luke, and we might just have a few things in common.

If there is one thing life has no shortage of, it is experiences and surprises, whether you ask for them or not!

I've had my fair share that's for sure. I never knew what was around the corner, what surprise would life throw at me next?


Of course, there have been some wonderful surprises, but regardless of how positive or negative they were, I often felt like I was just waiting for the next thing to happen to me. It's as though I was on a train without any idea which stations I'd be stopping at and even less idea what I'd find when I got there!

When its sunny, we put sunglasses on, it changes how things appear. Each of us has a different perspective on the world, and through our individual lenses our views become our reality. 

Change your lens, you might be surprised!


What my clients say...



"Luke is SO good at helping you look at yourself honestly while bearing zero judgement for you. He's full of empathy but also willing to push just enough to help you grow. My relationships and, most of all, my self-trust have deepened significantly since working with him. Thank you Luke!"



I originally contacted Luke for support with weight loss and managing my diet and eating habits. Following our initial chat, it became clear that my eating habits were a result of the way I felt about myself and the way I viewed other people’s opinions. As a result of my sessions with Luke I am now able to recognise that other people’s views don’t make me feel the way I do, in reality, my own thoughts are what generate my feelings and actions. I am 100% in a better place then I was when I initially contacted Luke. I finally feel in control and I’m happy to be moving forward to become a much stronger person. Thank you Luke!

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-22 at 5.17.43 PM.jpeg


"I love working with Luke! He has such a friendly personable approach and I can tell he really cares about subjects I present. The best part is his uncanny ability to reflect what he sees, and the valuable teaching he offers during our sessions. Highly recommend."



Luke is a brilliant coach & natural teacher. I always come away from our sessions with more self awareness, clarity & feeling empowered. Luke has a gentle approach yet is willing to ask bold questions that really challenge me to explore my inner thoughts. Since working with Luke I’ve been able to make some powerful mental shifts and am showing up in my relationships with more patience & presence. Thank you Luke, I am so grateful for your support.


It starts with a conversation

  • A free 30 min, no obligation call to discover more. Calls over Zoom

Single sessions are also available - use the form below to reach out and I'd be happy to discuss your requirements 

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